Special projects

Hey you guys we are starting a special project tonight so make sure to be here bring your Bibles and be ready to do something a bit different!!!  Cant wait to see you all!!!!

Getting ready for camp

Hey you guys I’m so happy to be back I know we have lots to do so lets hit the ground running we have many things to do to get ready for camp.  This year we have 8 students going thats alot of money to raise and not much time to do so .  Please get together all garage sell items and bring them to church with you.  If you are unable to bring items let me know and I will gladly come and pick them up.  Remember our Garage sell is on the 18th thats not far off.  Also remember this Wednesday we are having a fund raiser at Wendy’s so get all your friends and family to eat out at Wendy’s on wednesday.

New Years Party

Hope to See you all tonight for the new years party at the church starts at 6 ends at 9!!!!   SEE YOU THERE!!


Had a great time at the lock in this week and am looking forward to Wednesday night service.  Lots of work to do before then but theres just something about these teenagers that makes it all worth wild.  I love you guys!!!


Cant wait for the Awsome Christmas party tonight.  Hope you all can come and enjoy the Food and Fellowship as we remember Christs Birth!!!!!  If you need a ride or anything let me know ASAP.

You Guys (and Gals) ROCK

Hello all Just thought I would drop a line and tell you all how wonderful you are and how grateful I am to be able to bring the Word of God to you every week!!! Love you Guys.  Keep your ears open for our December event that we are in the process of planning its sure to be a great time.

STL Fundraisers

Good Afternoon everyone,

All fundraisers are due back tomorrow evening at
church please bring in all catalogs as well as any money you have not turned
in. I’m sure you all did great but if you feel like you can do more you still
have tomorrow to sell remember everything you sold will come to us in two or
three weeks. Thank you all for your hard work we are almost half way to our
goal i believe with only this one fundraiser so let’s get the orders turned in
and get paid! the sooner we get paid and make our goal the sooner we can help a
missionary get where they need to go to spread the word of God to more people
all over the world.


Good morning everyone,


Dont forget to continue to read your daily Proverbs.  Please do not just read it to say that you have read it but read it to understand what it is saying. we will discuss this weeks Proverbs wednesday night. Hope to see you all there and ready for a fun night of fellowship and learning.  Come walk with us as we figure out just what the Bible has to do with our daily lives and how we can better be like Jesus.

Saturday plans

hey guys don’t forget we are going to tommy’s house Saturday to clean up the property. We will meet at my house at 10 am if everyone shows up we can knock this out in no time and maybe hang out for a little while afterwards.


Where do we as a people get the “rules” of how to raise our children?? on how to
treat each other?? on where to work or how to work?? On where or how to live??

True Answer—The World

Answer we should be able to have as the truth—-The Word of God

Today we complain about everything under the sun and we have something or someone to
blame for every problem (we even go so far as to blame God) but I put before
you today this thought…..

Maybe the world is the way it is because


furthermore of those that do, I would say 95% do not implement the Word into their life
including pastors.

Why is it that we know what we are to do and we still do not do it??

Think on this and come Wednesday night ready to discuss it.

Cant wait for Service tomorrow.  Come worship with us in sunday school as we discuss Christ’s sufferings and what it has to do with your life.  Dont forget to stay for our music worship as we sing praises to our Father in Heaven and our main service as Pastor Mark leads us into what is sure to be a thought provoking sermon.

Homecoming Game Tonight

Hey guys ill be at the game tonight so come find me and hang out while we watch Forney dominate the field!!!!

Coming Next Week

Coming next week we will have all of our sermons will be posted here.

Hang out at my house tonight

hey guys everyone is invited to come hang out at my house tonight we are going to play some games eat some food and just have a great time getting to know each other better. Don’t forget it’s Brandon’s birthday today we will have cake tonight. Address is 401 E Buffalo st if you need directions or a pick up call me. Hope to see you all tonight.

His mercy is new every morning!!

Praise God that he gives us new mercies every morning!!! I like to think its because I used up every bit of mercy he gave me yesterday and I need a new filling of his mercy today.  Starting off your day with a devotional time with God is really the only way to start your day off right.  Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy and for loving and saving a soul that was so thirsty and dry, thank you for cleansing my bacteria ridden soul and making me clean and ready for a new day ready to face challenges of this life for You and Your kingdom.

Wow what a beautiful day get off your games and stop watching tv go out and do something. Remember a little get together on thursday for Brandon at my house. I’ll give anyone coming the address on wednesday night.


Did you know that your goodness can influence others?

Remember the song: “Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he.  He climbed up in a Sycamore tree to see what he could see.”  Then Jesus saw him and told him to come down for he was going to his house to stay.

Well, how dare Jesus say such a thing.  Didn’t he know that Zac was a dreaded tax collector.  He was a bad Jew who stole from his own people while giving their hard earned money to the ones who had conquered them.  How dare Jesus associate with such a person.

But He did and Zacchaeus changed because of the goodness he saw in Jesus.  Jesus may ask us to give to those who have hurt us in order to show them the Love of Christ.  Do we let our own begrudges stop us?  Are we that stubborn and hurt that we would not give another person the chance to change?  What about you?  Should I give you the chance to change?  If so, then, let’s give others that same chance too.

Jesus knew that Zac could change if he just chose to follow Jesus.  Wow, He was right.  Not only did he choose to change but he also went back to all he stole from and paid them back 4x’s over. (That’s unheard of!)  He also chose to give half of his possessions to the poor.  Not only did he get it, but he GOT IT!

Hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend enjoying the blistering heat outside with a nice cold cup of ice tea and some friends and family. Make the most of the day and bless someone. Have fun be safe and I hope to see you all on Sunday morning.

Come join us in youth group tonight as we talk about putting others first and sharing the testimony of Brian “Head” Welch and how Christ took him from Korn to the Bread of life.  Dinner starts at 6:15 pm service follows.

We will be posting lots of news, pictures and fun stuff throughout the year as our  youth group starts to grow. This will also be a place to let everyone know what’s going on for youth group. We hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year! see you all tonight!

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