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At People’s Fellowship, we love people – all people. Our goal is to be a home to the homeless, hope for the hopeless, healing for the hurting, and salvation through Jesus Christ to those who are lost. We offer a true blend of music, traditional and contemporary; solid Bible-based preaching, and a time of prayer over needs to all who desire it during each service. Although we are an Assemblies of God church, our church family has a variety of backgrounds. We offer an friendly, welcoming atmosphere when you first walk in, and continue until you leave.

Because of the pandemic, ministries have been limited. At this time, we are limited to:
Sunday morning worship – 10:30 – 12:00. (also live streamed via Facebook Live). 
Children’s Ministry – Children’s Pastor, Kacia Harmon, leads the children 5 – 12 following the music each Sunday morning.
Tuesday: Prayer – 11:00 am: Prayer Pastor Janet Shearer is currently live streaming only . Janet shares a short devotional and takes needs to prayer. You may send in prayer needs through the live stream. 
Wednesday Midweek (below)- 7:00 pm: 
Bible StudySenior Pastor Rick Smith and Associate Pastor Chuck Kreutzer are currently sharing duties leading in a chapter-by-chapter study of the Book of Revelation. 
Youth Service – Pablo and Natia Hernandez are leading our 11 – 19 age group for a study in the word, as well as fun activities.
Children’s Ministry – At this time we are not offering ministry to children under eleven on Wednesdays. 

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