The vision of People’s Fellowship encompasses a

threefold purpose: Restoration, Equipping, Empowering.

  • Restoration involves restoring broken relationships between God and man.  No matter the condition of the human soul, it is God’s desire to have a personal relationship with each of us.  That relationship is based upon the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  By accepting Him as one’s personal savior, our relationship with God grows.  At People’s Fellowship, we provide a place to restore lost and broken souls to God and His family of believers.
  • Equipping is providing the necessary tools for a believer to live a victorious Christian life. Part of the core values at People’s Fellowship is to equip believers with the Word of God, and to provide a place where people can encounter God.  As believers face the challenges of a post modern world, it is the church’s responsibility to provide relevant teaching and training in order to live a meaningful life.
  • Empowering is one of the greatest privileges of the church.  At People’s Fellowship we empower Christians to live victorious lives, witness effectively to others, worship God passionately, and embrace life with the same Spirit that Christ gave us to live by. Here at People’s Fellowship empowering believers is part of every aspect of ministry- from our nursery to our senior adults.