The History of People’s Fellowship


People’s Fellowship was born out of a small group of believers praying and asking God for a mighty vision.  On May 21, 2006 People’s Fellowship conducted its first official service on a day of celebration.  The founding congregation of which numbered in the mid teens, came from different walks of life.  The building was inherited from the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God.  

From humble beginnings to a place of excitement, God has always been faithful.  People’s Fellowship is God’s answer to the lost and hurting people of the 21st Century, who are tired of “doing” church the 19th Century way without going so far away from a feel of familiarity of the traditional church.  At the conception of People’s Fellowship, God provided a place for those who had been disillusioned by other things to come and find healing and restoration to the family of God. People’s Fellowship is truly “A Place Where Fellowship Begins” with God, with the church, and with the community.